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NEWS :How To Stop Weave From Tangling QM03
2017-07-28 18:31:07

NEWS :How To Stop Weave From Tangling

  Hair weaves, made of either human or synthetic hair, are also called hair extensions which can easily change our natural hair. However, do you know how to keep weave (whether synthetic or real hair) from looking tangled?

1. Spray a detangling conditioner on your weave. Use a wide-tooth comb, beginning at the bottom of the weave and working your way upward. Take it easy. Make sure you do not ruin the look of the weave.

2. Use gentle shampoo to wash the scalp, and weave, massage the scalp, let the suds run down over the weave, and rinse it thoroughly. Do not rub the weave.

3. Spritz your hair with a deep conditioner starting at the bottom and working up. Do not rub it or even massage it.

4. Blot the hair with a towel.

5. Apply liquid hair oil onto the weave starting at the bottom of it and continue up. Then, use your fingers to press it.

6. Sleep on satin pillow cases.


When washing your hair, you should not swirl your head around in the water.




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