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where to buy tape hair extensions
2016-10-31 18:53:02
Where to get the best non-trace hair extension ? EMEDA hair extension is your unique & best choice. EMEDA have their own hair factory and the 
first-class receiver manufacturing technology,which got the lots of wholesalers and user's high praises. Some people may still not very 
understanding about non-trace hair extensions.Below we will introduce what is a perfect hair extension:
Non-trace hair extension more accurate Chinese name should be called patch type hair, foreign called tape hair extension.It mainly due to the 
fast speed operating,with their own hair into good, relative to braided by way of coupling parts more hidden, so it called non-trace 
Tape hair extension requirements:
1, Perfect hair scrunchie not too thick, if it is too thick, joint relative will be larger, the overall effect will looks very loose,your 
head would be significantly larger; And if it is too thin,the joint will been more, not easy to care, and the hair tangles easily,
Amount of customer's hair change spaces: usually a bunch of hair with 0.5g - 0.7g is advisable.
2, Choice of non-trace hair close to your scalp hair, a lot of beauties like to choose some smooth hair to extent their hairs, this is a 
misunderstanding.In hair extension, you must choose similar quanlity hairs according to your own hair quanlity.If too much difference with 
your nature quality, It will be easy to find a flaw.
Do you want to have a head of elegant long hair, echocardiography action, amazing hair extensions will suddenly change your identity, come 
and try it! 
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