17 Best Pixie Cut Wig Style in 2022

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Pixie cut wig is more and more pupular recently years, rather than long wig, especially in 2022, and will become a trend in the next few years. It is hot sale in USA, Europe and some Latin countrieds.I believe it will pouplar all over the world in the near future. I will introduce 17 best style which is very hot sale in 2022.


What is pixie cut wig?

A pixie cut wig is the perfect way to get some youthful energy into your look! A pixie style ranges from about 4 inch to 12 inches. Pixie styles are a bold and confident look for women of all ages. At The EMEDA hair, you’ll find different styles with different colors. Our pixie cut wigs are so light and natural, you’ll forget you have them on! Shop now and refresh your image with the charm and allure of a pixie cut wig.

How it looks like inside?

It is 13x6 lace front wig, as it is the most popular. We can also make different pixie cut wig style on full lace wig if you request.



The curl is permanent?

We can make it as your request, permanent or one time. Usually we make it as one time, so that you can re-style the hair, yourself or going to salon.


Can we style according to your picture?

Absolutely, we can make any styles according to your picture. Long or short, straight or wavy. Black or blonde. Brown or several-tones.


What is the density?

The most common density is 130%. Less density makes the style more natural and more like your own hair rather than fake. But if you need more hair, we can also make 150% and 180% density.


Now, I will introduce 17 pixie cut wigs for you.


8 inch short pixie cut wig

Who can refuse a so diplomatic style? The hair length is not long not short, a perfect choice for working woman. It is steady but energetic.


Big wave short pixie cut wig

Compared with the first style, we add a big wave in front. Everything in this look is super easy and comfortable, yet, it gives a very refined and elegant character to her appearance.



Rose wave short pixie cut wig

The rose wave short pixie shows your feminine energy. The rose curls seem to enhance that womanly nature. Besides, you should pay increased attention to how the cut complements her face shape. Simply marvelous!



10 inch pixie cut wig

A pixie cut is a way to go when looking for a short hairstyle for thick wavy hair. Plus, the texture of wavy hair looks superb in this haircut as the volume is already present. Ask your hairstylist to keep the layers at the back shorter and use a texturizing spray to add some bounce to the front section of your curly pixie cut.



Loose wave pixie cut wig

Want your short hair to look unbelievably lively and dimensional? Layers will be there for you, then. A soft texturizing at the ends and slight layering will create magical movement to your little locks, notably if you focus on bangs. To reveal the full potential of the cut, wave your hair and let the wavy pixie cut show you the difference!




Wavy bob pixie cut wig

Women with naturally curly hair should not be intimidated with this hairstyle. Let your ringlets create a buzz by getting a shaved pixie cut that also can frame your face shape. 



Small curl pixie cut wig with bang

Another time going to your hairdresser`s ask him or her to leave your bangs longer than usual. It gives an effect of ease and style as if it was only brushed through. Something really casual but still good looking will bring more of a detailed look that will bring even more chic to your appearance. At the same time, such an idea will allow you for various face-framing hairstyles.



4 inch short pixie cut wig

The boldness that the style has encoded makes you look bold and independent. If these two features prevail in your personality, now you know the direction to follow when it comes to a new hairstyle.



Blonde water wave pixie cut wig

A pixie cut with big water wave is the most versatile thing mommies usually opt for: it can perfectly frame your face, creating a totally new silhouette to your hair. These girls look so fancy! How about you to look that cool? 



Straight left part pixie cut wig

Once you have a look at this chic idea, you will realize that blonde hair with red lipstick is an ageless classic. How about you to go for something modern and opt for a textured pixie, styled on the side? Your beautiful face is open so that everybody can see your awesome makeup while this gorgeous little twist on the top creates a very cute and sexy look.

Rose wavy blonde pixie cut wig

Some of the best pixies are short messy hairstyles with layered hair. This short cut with a side bang might be mussed, but it’s not messy. Tousled, shaggy looks are the “thing” today, for all ages, for young models like this one, to women over fifty. If this model’s hair is naturally curly, after shampooing, she simply needs to add a touch of straightening product and use a nozzle. If not, styling tools will easily do the trick.



Deep curly pixie cut wig

This long pixie cut for fine hair is another gorgeous idea to style your unruly locks cleanly. Do you remember the annoying frizz that you get every time you blow dry your hair? Well, long hair becomes frizzy more often than short. And if your hair is cut into moderating layers, frizz is unlikely to be a part of your style. Also, If you finish this look with side-swept bangs, you will love how awesomely it will soften the angles of your square face.




Light brown pixie cut wig

Who needs makeup when a pixie is all you need to get ready for a new day? It’s not that we want you to step away from applying makeup. We’re trying to show you another benefit of a pixie: you can leave things up to your pixie and enjoy your naturalness, as nothing can beat the vibe of pixies. Check out how this light brown enhances the beauty of dark brown hair!




Red pixie cut wig

Bold hair color is not for everybody! But, if you want to step out of your comfort zone without venturing out too much, copper hair for your short pixie cut is a great option. Leave the layers long to transform the cut into a long pixie cut with bangs. Style it messy for a day out with friends or in a slicked back, side swept style for work. Needless to say, t is a win-win situation with this hair color and hairstyle!



Highlights pixie cut wig

This two-toned look is very trendy right now. If you want to tone it down a bit to keep it more professional, you can use a subtle balayage effect. But in case you are feeling bold, you can opt for more dramatic colors. Anything from brown to blonde hair will do just great on your pixie, no doubts!




retro pixie cut wig

Neatness and simplicity are something that can create an elegant look for you. Elegance can look different, and this clean brown pixie is here to show you how it looks in the world of women with short hair. Yes, it’s simple. Still, people won’t take eyes off its beauty. Just think of how this cut can save your time in the mornings: it’s definitely worth a try.




Ombre color pixie cut wig

Many articles claim that the pixie is fast becoming popular these days and that clients are routinely requesting it at salons. That’s strange. The pixie’s been around for nearly a century. Famous actresses first made it popular during the Golden age of Hollywood, and it’s been going strong in various forms ever since. This spirited bang cut has layers that lengthen outward. It’s essentially a classic pixie that’s been turned into a messy hairstyle with some product. Don’t be fooled. This model could have easily styled her hair by herself in no time for her red carpet appearance. She could even have livened up her black hair by sweeping in delicate brown highlights herself. It would have been simple.

Let’s not forget that not only scissors can help us achieve voluminous hair full of life and natural movement: coloring techniques also take part.




A brand new pixie cut is about to make you as hotter and attractive as never before. Every girl knows that there’s no better way to put bad things behind than getting a new stunning haircut. Just look at these girls: these brushed up pixie, sleek wet one, and wavy pixie with side fringe will make guys regret losing you!







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