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Wigs are used for many reasons and in recent years many companies have made it their mission to provide perfect and undetectable wigs for men and women all over the globe. Whether you choose a wig for fashion or to disguise hair loss, you can feel confident in your choice, knowing that wigs have come a long way from the stiff, scratchy, straw-type hair pieces of yesteryear.

Many women assume that when they buy a human hair wig they can blow dry and heat style it, as they would their own hair, however some human hair wigs aren’t actually suitable for all heated styling products.

Human hair is extremely strong , however without the natural oils and nutrience from the scalp, hairs in human hair wigs are not as strong as the hair on your head. In addition to this, the hairs in your wig are bonded with a strong glue, or tied together – meaning the use of heat styling products near to the root could melt the glue and the use of a hair dryer could cause the hairs to come loose from the rest of the wig.


As human hair wigs are an investment to last many years for most people, you want to take as much care of them as possible to ensure that they remain in pristine condition for as long as possible, whilst making sure that they are always styled to perfection.

So just how do you create the perfect style?

Before styling your human hair wig it is important to determine to origin of the wig. Most wigs are made with either European or Asian hair, European hair tends to come in many different textures, whilst Asian hair is more likely to be thicker and very straight.

It is also important to find out if your human hair wig is 100% human hair, or whether it is a mix of human hair and synthetic or special fibres. Most wigs come with manufacturer instructions on the best ways to texture that specific wig, however if you have lost your styling instructions the tips in this article should guide you in the right direction.

Once you have determined the origin of your human hair wig, you know which style is better suited to the hair, and the best processes in which to do so. For example; Asian hair is much better suited to straighter styles, whilst European hair may hold curls and texture a lot better.

If you don’t plan on using heated styling products, the easiest time to style your wig is when your wig is still wet after washing. Wet hair is a lot easier to style than dry hair, and styles are much more likely to hold once the hair is dry, verses styling already dry hair. If you plan on using heated styling products, ensure the hair is thoroughly dry before using them on the human hair wig.

Once the hair is washed (and/or dried), place it on your wig stand (or your head, although most women find it easier to style their wigs in front of them) and comb through the hair with a detangling combe – avoiding the roots or base of the wig.



To add curls to the hair without using heat, simply separate the hair into workable sections and use rollers to add waves. Ensure the wig is wet and take the roller and a small section of hair and wrap the hair around the roller, starting at the bottom. Use a spray bottle to add water to hair in order to keep it damp, and use products such as setting spray, in order to encourage the style to hold for longer.

Once the rollers have been added to the hair, leave to dry naturally. Take the rollers out just before you are ready to wear the wig and give it a good spritz of hair spray, and a shake before you put it on.

If you plan on using heated curlers to style your hair, it is important to check your human hair wig is heat product friendly and to remember you should not use heated styling products within an inch and a half of the root in order not to cause damage to the wig.

Ensure the hair is completely dry before curling to prevent the hair from becoming singed or frazzled from the heat. Take your curlers and place them on the lowest heat, before working through the hair in sections. If you wish to create a dramatic curl, after curling each section use a roller to hold the curl as you work through the rest of the hair – this will create a much tighter “ringlet” style curl – once the hair is all curled remove the rollers. For a looser curl, simply curl each section and spray with hair spray and for loose waves take a wide tooth comb through the hair after curling.


It is essential to check that your wig is “heat safe” before using any heated styling products such as straighteners or curlers. If you are going to use heated products on your hair it is important to remember not to use them too close to the root – doing so could melt to bonds holding the wig together and ruin your wig.

Instead, start working the hair from the bottom up. Separate the wig into sections and carefully comb the lower part of the hair, before straightening the ends, never reaching more than an inch and a half from the root of the wig with the straighteners.

Once you have completed the process over the whole wig, use a wig friendly serum to hold the style and keep hair looking shiny and healthy.



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