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Company news

According to foreign media reports on the 12th, a 24-year-old young girl in New York, Abby Andrew, recently posted a bald photo on her personal social networking site, admitting that she had lost her hair from the age of 2, saying "I am fed up This secret, so post on the personal homepage."

After she announced that she was not wearing a wig, she shared with her netizens the touching reaction of her boyfriend who had been in contact for six months. Abby said excitedly, "Too much moved me, he told me that I am very open-minded!"

So how is the wig made?

Wig raw material classification:

Human hair: The most used in the market is China, India, Brazil, Europe,

China Hair: China Hair is the hair that produces the largest amount of raw materials for wigs. China has a large population and relatively hard hair. It can be dyed after acid treatment, and it can be decorated on the head. It is popular in the US and Europe.

Indian hair: India has a soft hair, no hair straightening in China, a small wave volume, hair breaks easily after chemical treatment, and plasticity is not strong.

European hair: The color of European hair is closer to the local consumer market. At present, s is the most expensive raw material. The hair of Europe is soft, not suitable for bleaching and post-processing, and it is used directly for hair transfer.

Chemical fiber: Chemical fiber is a supplement to human hair. Chemical fiber is divided into low temperature wire, high temperature wire, and protein wire.

Low-temperature wire: A low-temperature wire used for filling a human hair curtain. The low-temperature wire can be kept at 270 degrees without deformation. This wire is used for shaping and reducing the cost of raw materials for human hair. The disadvantage of low temperature filaments is that they are flammable and form a lump after burning.

High-temperature wire: The high-temperature wire can be kept undeformed below 270 degrees for the shape of the style.

Protein silk: It is the raw material closest to human hair. It is the closest to human hair. It is commonly used in high-grade wig products to make fillers, and it can be automatically flame-retarded after burning. In many countries, the product requirements are clearly required, wig hair can Flame retardant, tragedies caused by wigs have occurred in many countries.

Classification of wigs

Wigs belong to the hair products industry in the light industry manufacturing industry. The hair products industry is divided into: craft springs, men's hair blocks, women's wigs, teaching heads, chemical fiber hair, etc. The wigs are divided into materials: human hair, chemical fiber, human hair blending. Chemical fiber

1 According to the material, it is divided into chemical fiber and human hair. The wig of the chemical fiber is made of chemical fiber, which has poor fidelity and has an itchy feeling after wearing, and is easy to react with the scalp. However, the price is cheap and the stereotype effect is lasting; the wig made by the real person is made of the treated pure human hair, which has high fidelity, is not easy to knot, can be dyed, burned, and is convenient to change hair style, and the price is high. The qualitative effect is not very good.

2, by area: wig and wig. The wig is a wig that is worn on the head. It is easy to wear and firm, and has a large coverage area. Wig wigs can be customized into wigs of different shapes and sizes according to different needs, with strong randomness, high fidelity and good air permeability.

3, according to the production method, weaving and hand-tapping. Woven hair is made by the machine. General mass production, low price, but the authenticity is not ideal, heavy, poor gas permeability is easy to make the hair follicle blocked, easy to knot. The hand shackle is hand-made, with high fidelity, good breathability and comfortable wearing, but the price is relatively high.

4. From the craft points: semi-mechanical hair sets full lace hair sets Jewish wigs front lace hair sets hair piece lace wigs MONO wigs use points: doll hair, anime wig, holiday wigs ladies wigs men's wigs

Bleaching of wigs:

The first production process: bleaching

First, the wig must be treated with acid:

A certain concentration of sulfuric acid is mixed with other medicines, soaking the wig! Why is it too acidic?

According to our ordinary people's thinking, the wig is very dirty and very dirty! The simplest thing is to remove bacteria.

After the acid, the hair is black, easy to discount, and also harmful to the skin! To carry out ammonia,

At the same time of neutralization, bleaching can be carried out. After bleaching, it can be dyed according to requirements!

The role of ammonia is obviously first neutralized, go to the last step of the acid. Make the hair smooth. No discount.

If you are dyeing, you need to adjust the dye according to your preference, make a sample, compare the color, and adjust the amount of dye.

Then use warm water to clear and clean! If the color is slightly deeper, repeat the cleaning several times!

Post processing

After the hair is cleaned, it is soaked in a special wig care solution for 15 minutes to process a very smooth silky feel and then remove the water. The main function is to clean the hair and handle the hair of the wig.

The Chinese began to pay attention to the wig! Now the export space of the wig is still very big! Did not focus on the domestic market! Domestic, women's wigs have 10 times the profits!

Because of the imperfect network supervision system and the huge profits of fake goods, the high-level liar professional scammers on we are also packed very well. So be careful

It is because of these high-quality wigs that the safety and beauty of each user can be guaranteed.

How do you make a wig, do you understand it?

No article.

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