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Synthetic False Eyelashes 

 Synthetic false eyelashes 

Eyelash Vendor Wholesale 3d Faux Mink Lashes Provide Silk Strip Lashes PY11
1.3D silk eyelashes are made from protein silk advanced material.Look like natural looking. 2.3d silk eyelashes use the advanced manufacturing process and use not much raw materials,so that the eyelashes style looks relatively sparse. 3.All eyelashes are 100% handmade by experienced workers.
3d Faux Mink Lashes Factory Wholesale Faux Mink Lashes PY09
3D silk eyelashes are made from protein silk advanced material.Look like natural looking.All eyelashes are 100% handmade by experienced workers.And each pair is responsible for the whole production process by a single person.
3d Silk Lashes Wholesale Perfect Silk Lashes With Custom Eyelash Box PY08
1.All of those lashes are made of high quality Top protein silk. 2.Standard styles formal order will be exactly same style. Each eyes looks the same . 3.3D effect more obvious. Looks more volume and dramatic. 4.Perfect 3D effect and more fluffy to make your eyes looking more beautiful and charming
Eyelashes Vendors Custom Eyelash Box False Eyelash Packaging PY1
1.The lashes will give the ultmate cat eye with its dramatic winged look and medium volume. 2.Professional curling ironing technology, so that eyelashes more suitable with the eyes radian. 3.Comfortable and lightweight, very easy to wear.
Silk Eyelashes Private Label Factory Price With Natural Looking PY1
1.Factory wholesale price, Highest cost performance. 2.3D multilayer eyelash, release the most charm of eyes. 3.High quality materials and craft, it can be repeat wear and not easily damaged. 4.4.Packing styles are varied, and new products are introduced regularly to meet all kinds of requirements.
Fake Eyelashes Manufacturers Free Own Brand Eyelashes Sample PY1
1.3D silk eyelashes are made from 100% top protein silk advanced material. 2.3d silk eyelashes style is very soft,luxurious and durable, looks like mink eyelashes. 3.All eyelashes are 100% handmade by experienced workers.And can wears more times with good care.
Wholesale False Eyelashes Natural Looking 3d Silk Eyelashes PY1
Our lashes with the most romance! Perfectly dispersed lengths, density and multi-layers for a more dimensional effect. This style has all elements of a well-balanced pattern. This style is designed for eyes that desire the most enchanting and mesmerizing look!
False Eyelash For Wholesale Custom False Eyelash Packaging Box PY1
1.Soft and lightweight: 100% high quality Siberian mink fur, soft and lightweight. 100% handmade and cruelty-free. 2.Perfect 3D layered effect, making the lashes looks more natural than the normal lashes and can keep the fantastic curl all the time. 3.Reusable:Easy to apply and remove .Can be used for 20-25 times with good care and removed properly.
Wholesale False Eyelashes Factory Price Premium Quality Silk Eyelashes PY1
High-quality: Hand-made 3D Black eyelashes can be reusable 15 times or more with nice care, Made of 100% Safe material, full strip Nature Fluffy Long Soft lashes, Each pair of our 3D lashes are hand-made by our workers. Full and fluffy: The band thicker more durability. The hair is so real and soft, The thickness and curl of the eyelashes are just right.
False Eyelashes Manufacturer Supply False Eyelashes Private Label PY1
The 3D false lashes, different from other plastic lashes, are made of Korea imported synthetic fibers, just as soft as yourself lashes, make you comfortable to wear.Full strip and fluffy long lashes will give you a more glamorous and feminine look. 100% cruelty-free, non-Irritating and handcrafted with care! Luxury and soft and lightweight 3D false eyelashes.
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